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    ACE Rent A Car

    what are the worst rental car agencies 1 - What Are The Worst Rental Car Agencies?


    Founded in 1966 and headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind., ACE Rent A Car was once the top ranked rental car companies in the United States by J.D. Power. The company earned the top spot in the 2011 industry survey, followed by earning placement among J.D. Power’s Customer Service Champions in the next year.

    Since then, travelers have been critical about their experiences with their over 350 affiliated locations across the United States, naming them one of the worst rental car agencies. In 2016, ACE was not rated by J.D. Power, along with several other companies appearing on this list.

    In the 208 reviews left at Consumer Affairs, many focus on the condition of the cars. Travelers claim their automobiles were dirty, “in poor shape,” or with outdated GPS equipment. Another common complaint focused around hidden fees, including automatic daily fees for tolls.

    Before accepting a rental car, travelers should first understand all of the potential fees they could be responsible for absorbing. Before agreeing to initial anything on a paper or digital system, have the agreement explained, and be sure to ask about all other options. Finally, request a printed estimate of all charges and fees, in order to understand your agreement and how items are being added to the rental car total. 

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    Advantage Rent A Car

    what are the worst rental car agencies 2 - What Are The Worst Rental Car Agencies?

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    Often associated with the lowest prices for rental cars, Advantage Rent A Car is one of the worst car rental companies as rated by those on Consumer Affairs. Additionally, the Better Business Bureau gave this rental car company an “F” grade with seven negative reviews and nearly 500 consumer complaints.

    Among the most common complaints against Advantage Rent A Car is the addition of collision damage waiver (CDW) fees without proper explanation to the customer. Many customers claim they verbally requested to decline CDW policies because their credit cards or travel insurance policies cover damages or loss to rental cars, just to have it added later. When it comes to signing the agreement, travelers accuse the agents of misrepresenting approvals or denials, resulting in additional charges. 

    Before signing any agreement, travelers need to understand what charges are added to their account, as well as what travel insurance will and will not cover. While there are some situations where travelers may be forced to purchase additional insurance, most domestic itineraries will be covered through many other means. If a desk agent is being too aggressive in having a deal signed, ask to either slow down or speak with a supervisor to clarify any situation. 

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    Fox Rent A Car

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    Another “low cost” rental car company, Fox Rent A Car advertises cars available for $7.95 per day, or deeper discounts through other prepaid reservation websites. Despite their position as the fifth largest rental car company in the United States, many travelers have expressed their dissatisfaction with Fox as one of the worst rental car agencies.

    Of the 159 ratings attributing to the one-star Consumer Reports rating, the most common complaint against Fox Rent A Car focuses on hidden fees and deposits for insurance, tolls, and second drivers. One traveler complained Fox charged additional fees and kept a deposit for second drivers, while another claimed they were charged for an alleged cracked windshield, which they say was never cracked to begin with.

    Travelers who are weary of the condition of their vehicle should document everything during acceptance. This includes taking time-stamped pictures of the vehicle, noting any pre-existing damage. All damages should be notated in writing on the rental agreement with verification from an employee. Failure to do so could result in costly claims and a long consumer complaint battle. 

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    Payless Car Rental

    what are the worst rental car agencies 4 - What Are The Worst Rental Car Agencies?

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    The last of the rental car companies not ranked by J.D. Power in 2016, Payless Car Rental offers travelers low prices on rentals in the United States and Europe. As many travelers have learned, the other side of those low prices often come in hidden fees and pressure to pre-pay for gas at the rental counter, making them one of the worst rental car agencies.

    The most common complaint in the 230 ratings left at Consumer Affairs revolved around purchasing additional insurance or pre-paying for fuel. Some complain they were told they would get a better deal in buying gas from the rental car counter and would only be charged for what they used. Instead, those travelers say they were charged for a full tank of fuel at a higher price than at gas stations outside the rental location.

    Although pre-paying for gas can be a tempting offer, experts say avoid this at all costs. Travelers who want to ensure they don’t get charged for extra gas should refuel within 10 miles of the rental car return, and keep a copy of the receipt as proof they filled up on fuel prior to return. 

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    Dollar/Thrifty Car Rental

    what are the worst rental car agencies 5 - What Are The Worst Rental Car Agencies?

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    Combined through a purchase by Chrysler, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group represented J.D. Power’s two worst rated rental car agencies in 2016. Thrifty earned a score of 764, while Dollar only scored 774 – both below the industry average of 804.

    The most common complaint among the 126 ratings on the website is the handling of toll roads. Travelers who rented with Dollar or Thrifty say they were talked into paying a daily fee for toll transponders. In truth, many of those roads offered cash lanes, despite the desk agent’s insistence they do not combined with warnings of fines for every toll road infraction.

    When planning for a trip, the smart traveler considers every part of their route to understand what tolls they may face during their adventures. While renting a transponder may be easier for those who are frequenting toll roads, it may not be the only option available to the frugal traveler. 

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    Budget Rent-A-Car

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    Budget Rent-A-Car was the third worst rated rental car agencies in the 2016 J.D. Power Survey, edging out Thrifty and Dollar by just ten points. Compared to the industry average, Budget scored 20 points lower, for reasons reflected in complaints left on Consumer Reports.

    In 306 ratings, customer service issues were the most problematic among regular travelers. Former customers took to the nonprofit website to complain about experiences ranging from being overcharged on insurance, to being “upgraded” without their knowledge or agreement to pay a higher daily rate.

    While travelers may find themselves in a hurry to get out of the airport, it is important to read all of the fine print and understand everything they are being charged for before they leave the rental car lot. Those who are not in a hurry after they land should consider renting from an off-site rental agency in order to save money and get better customer service. Outside of the airport, travelers can avoid taxes, surcharges and upgrade fees with a little distance and some patience.

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    Finally on the list is arguably the biggest name in rental car agencies: Avis. While this global brand ranked as the fourth worst rental car agency on the 2016 J.D. Power survey with a total customer satisfaction score of 795, Money Magazine also found them to be the most expensive rental car agency with average daily rates starting at $60.

    The 194 ratings on Consumer Affairs focus on two major problems with Avis: customer service and car condition. Across complaints, travelers complain that the inflated price they paid did not correlate to a better experience when renting or returning their cars, with hidden fees added including a per-mile and hidden upgrade fees. Other complaints accuse the company of renting cars that were not cleaned, had obvious wear spots, or had malfunctioning equipment. The 2016 J.D. Power survey discovered this was a growing problem among car rental companies, as 21 percent of travelers reported problems with their vehicles. Specifically, 16 percent of complaints revolved around optional equipment, including GPS systems and toll road transponders.  

    Travelers who are dissatisfied with their rental have several means to get satisfaction with their rental. Before a trip, experts recommend doing homework on their rental companies and reading reviews ahead of their trip. For those who experience an issue with their rental car, experts recommend calling the rental company directly to resolve the issue, or return the vehicle to the location where it was rented from to discuss a proper replacement.

    Although dealing with a rental car issue can be a time consuming and difficult process, travelers do not have to be sidelined due to a scam. By avoiding these seven scammiest rental car agencies and being aware of their tricks, travelers can avoid paying extra for insurance, getting talked into a toll transponder, or paying additional for what they believe is a “free” upgrade.