10647 - The 9 Best Compasses to Buy in 2018
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Best Budget: Magnos Somnia Multipurpose Magnetic Compass

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Casual hikers or teachers who need to buy compasses in bulk will appreciate the affordability of the Magnos Somnia Multipurpose Magnetic Compass. At just under $5, it’s a fraction of the price of other compasses on this list. It also makes a great backup for those using GPS or smartphone apps to find their way in the wilderness. Its simple base plate design means that it’s mounted on a rectangle of clear plastic so you can place it on top of a map for easy course determination.

The jewel bearing spindle is painted red on one end to denote which way is north. Use the fixed declination correction scale to work out the difference between magnetic and true north, and the dual measurements on either side of the base plate to compare distances on the map with the scale at the bottom. These measurements come in centimeters and inches for greater compatibility. Lastly, this ergonomic compass fits comfortably in your palm and comes with a lanyard and LED light.