10647 - The 8 Best Pike Lures to Buy in 2018
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Best Spinnerbait: Booyah Pikee Spinnerbait

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Spinnerbaits are a popular choice when fishing in the heavy vegetation that pike tend to favor. This is because their framed design helps to keep weeds away from the hook, therefore reducing your chances of getting stuck. The Booyah Pikee Spinnerbait was specifically created with northern pike and muskies in mind. The super tough Vibra-Flx wireframe is capable of withstanding the species’ teeth, while the included 12” steel leader stops them from biting through your line.

Of course, the ability to survive a strike only matters if you’re getting bites in the first place, and this spinnerbait is almost guaranteed to generate a frenzy thanks to its double willow blades and Silo-Tex skirt. The former creates irresistible vibration and shine, while the latter mimics the undulating action of a baitfish in distress. A realistic fish head with an oversized eye and painted gill plate adds to the overall effect. Color options include crawfish, perch, sunfish and luminescent glowtreuse. The lure weighs half an ounce and is praised by Amazon reviewers for its reasonable price-tag.