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Best Oval: Petzl Oxan Oval Carabiner

The 8 Best Carabiners to Buy in 2018


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Oval carabiners are the original carabiner shape, with uniform top and bottom curves that help to limit load shifting. This makes them ideal for rappels and aid climbing. The Petzl Oxan Oval Carabiner is made of steel and is a high-strength option specially designed for setting up anchors and connecting to metal structures in harsh conditions. Its smooth interior design and keylock nose help to reduce the likelihood of snagging and it’s compatible with the brand’s Captiv bar. This optional extra helps to prevent the carabiner from flipping, keeps it integrated with the device, and shifts the load onto the major axis for optimum strength and safety.

There are two different locking mechanisms to choose from: the automatic Triact-Lock with its triple-action gate opening, and the manual Screw-Lock with a red band that warns you when it’s unlocked. Whichever system best meets your needs, the carabiner has a gate opening of 22mm, weighs 195g, and boasts a major axis strength of 38 kN. Opt for gold or black to match the rest of your climbing equipment.