10647 - The 7 Best Travel Alarm Clocks to Buy in 2018
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Best Budget: Travelwey Digital Alarm Clock

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If you like to travel light and are looking for something to wake you, the Travelwey Digital Alarm Clock may be right for you. This inexpensive digital clock is only about three-inches-by-three-inches and includes a protective lid for travel. The lid folds out to act as a stand for a bedside table.

This alarm displays the time and allows you to set an alarm but not much else. Travelwey explains that this clock isn’t cluttered with temperatures and dates — it lets travelers effortlessly set the time and alarm without having to worry about anything else. The clock does have a “snooze” function and a five-second backlight. Powered by two AAA batteries, this clock is designed to be inexpensive and minimalist.