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    The 12 Best Vintage Shops in Berlin


    Not everything in these shops is gold, but it is all very, very cheap. Think of shopping as a treasure hunt at this series of bulk vintage shops. You can buy clothes from almost every decade. Look for the different colored stickers that indicate value, or just buy in bulk for €25 per kilo. Certain locations, like Made in Berlin, even have happy hours with deals like 20% off on Tuesdays from 12 to 15:00.

    Whether you are looking for a fantastic Carnival costume or the very best in hipster cool, you can certainly find something here.

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    The 12 Best Vintage Shops in Berlin

    Sing Blackbird

    If you prefer a few well-curated pieces to buying by the kilo, Sing Blackbird is a great place to start. This chic shop is part vintage clothing, part vegan coffee shop, part neighborhood hang.

    It offers designer clothes, shoes and accessories at good — but not quite discount – prices. The boutique also holds a series of monthly events like a flohmarkt (flea market), movie nights, and even small live concerts.

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    The 12 Best Vintage Shops in Berlin

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    Among the platters and plates, lamps and end tables, there are many beautiful vintage find in the city's largest flea market. Sprawling over the former path of the Berlin Wall, this market is full of surprising finds.

    Independent sellers set-up shop every Sunday with a mix of wares. Stylish 1920s hats sit side-by-side with dresses from the 1960s. Pick through piles of shoes to find just the right pair of 1950s wingtips.

    Along with unusual vintage finds, you can discover independent designers also peddling their wares. Slowly wander your way along with muddy paths with the hordes of other vintage seekers. And who doesn't love a one-stop shop where you can buy the vintage coat and the coat rack to hang it on?

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    The 12 Best Vintage Shops in Berlin

    Mankii Vintage

    Mankii Vintage is a bit of a village with masses of dresses, coats, jewellery, and shoes for women, plus an entire lower level dedicated to men's and children's wear. Clothing ranges from the 1930s to 1990’s and is well-stocked with unique party dresses and the best of hippie chic.

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    The 12 Best Vintage Shops in Berlin

    Garments Vintage

    This shop has items attractively arranged by color, style and even mood. Check out the sequins section to put some sparkle in your life. Featuring everything from bags to dresses to shoes to the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, everything is of excellent quality and the customer service here is usually on point.

    Come to Garments to put together a fantastical bargain costume or to add a high-quality piece to your wardrobe. There are even two locations, one in Mitte and one in Prenzlauer Berg, to choose from.

    If you just need a fabulous piece for an occasion, they rent clothes for 30% of the full sale price.

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    The 12 Best Vintage Shops in Berlin

    Collect Boutique

    Not all start-ups in Berlin have to do with technology. The three founders of Collect Boutique are experienced in fashion, styling and photography and united their interests with this shop opened in 2014.

    High-end brands like Dries van Noten and Comme des Garçons are for sale for women, men, and children. And along with carefully curated clothing items, they sell home wares like vases, rugs, and shelves.

    Establishing this as more than just a store, there is an in-house coffee bar to refuel and admire the fashion scenery.

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    Blank Vintage

    The 12 Best Vintage Shops in Berlin

    Blank Vintage

    If you're looking for a deal but not down with buying by the kilo, Blank Vintage provides some of the best deals for vintage shopping in Berlin. Specializing in 1980s and 90s fashion, they are constantly updating their inventory with handpicked pieces. Of particular interest for bargain hunters are their frequent one euro sales. Watch the facebook page for special events.

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    The 12 Best Vintage Shops in Berlin


    Finally a shop where men are more than just an afterthought. The self-explanatory Dude provides a relaxed atmosphere for men to shop for their vintage goods in peace. Everything from suits, to casual jackets, to layers for winter are for sale. There are high-end brands as well as plenty of excellent deals.

    Of particular interest is their vast collection of shoes. Style starts with the right set of footwear.

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    The 12 Best Vintage Shops in Berlin

    Dress Code

    Inside this tiny storefront is a well-organized collection of vintage clothes. Along with the usual top brands, there is a focus on Berlin-centric designers. There is a wide selection of vintage finds for women and men.

    If you are looking to sell quality vintage pieces, they also occasionally buy.

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    The 12 Best Vintage Shops in Berlin


    This big daddy of second-hand shopping has multiple locations throughout Germany with a mammoth multi-floor headquarters right on Frankfurter Tor. This is a vintage shopping universe.

    Floor after floor focus on women's clothing, accessories, men's wear, children's clothing and home wares sorted by color. There is even a section dedicated to ostalgie, a fondness for life in East Germany.

    Items may be as cheap as just two euros, but happy hunting finding them amidst the mountains of random clothing. This is the place for a day filled with bargain hunting, not a quick stop to find something special.

    If an all-day shop doesn't fit into your Berlin plans, try some of their other, smaller locations like their Wedding shop which offers discounted second-hand goods.

    And shopping here means supporting a NGO so spend freely!

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    The 12 Best Vintage Shops in Berlin


    Trash-Schick is exactly as it sounds: trashy and chic. This perfectly Berlin concoction is embodied in the partially tattered interior, held together by punk authenticity.

    Designer shoes and clothes are sprinkled within the racks of clothes for only 1 euro. Inventory changes weekly so things always feel a bit fresh amidst the clutter. Plus, there is charity in good shopping. Part of the shop's revenues go to those in need.

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    The 12 Best Vintage Shops in Berlin

    Bonnie and Kleid

    This cleverly named Berlin vintage shop has just the right assortment of flamboyant scarves, sparkly party dress from the 1920s to 70s. Located in an underground lair in elegant Bergmannkiez, they have everything you need to be the life of the party – even if your budget only allows you to borrow. All of their costumes can be loaned out (costume rental prices are around 30 euro.)

    Address: Gneisenaustraße 9 Berlin (Kreuzberg)