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The 10 Best Cities to Visit in Germany

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Munich is known in Germany as München. It is the capital of Bavaria and gateway to the Alps. This quintessential German city is the land of lederhosen and giant schweinshaxe (ham hocks) and Oktoberfest. This is what most people think of when they think of Germany.

The city offers first-class museums and regal German architecture like Marienenplatz and its famed glockenspiel, as well as the Nymphenburg Palace. Here, the people have their own proud accent, history, and traditions. Many Münchenerscount themselves as Bavarian first, and German second.

Munich is fancy, but that doesn't mean the people don't know how to have fun. This is also the home of favorite locations like the English Garden with its well-known FKK (nudist) lawn and surfing canal.

Even more famous than the city's many sights is its world-famous beer. A beloved export, it is best enjoyed in the city; in its traditional beer halls, biergartens, or within the glorious beer tents of Oktoberfest. With more than 6 million visitors every year, the largest beer festival in the world is an event not to be missed. (Not that it is the only beer festival of the year).