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    Scandinavia Events and Weather in June

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    The Stockholm Marathon in 2018 is the 40th annual, and this year the course has fewer steep climbs. The first start is at noon. Visitors can watch the runners throughout the city.


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    Festival of the Sea (Various Locations, Iceland)

    Scandinavia Events and Weather in June

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    The Festival of the Sea or Viking Festival in Víðistaðatún park in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland, is the largest such celebration in the country. It typically takes place around the second Sunday of the month and lasts for several days. Different sources have different dates, so check before you go.

    June 2–3, 2018: Look for the Festival of the Sea celebration in Reykjavík on Fisherman's Day, which is the first Sunday in June.

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    Scandinavia Events and Weather in June

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    The Early Music Festival isn't about celebrating Swedish music but early folk music from across the globe. At various concerts you can hear early Bulgarian, Afghan, and Slovak music, among other ethnicities, including music played on the fujara, a distinct Slovak wind instrument. 

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    Scandinavia Events and Weather in June

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    Organizers at the Taste of Stockholm Food Festival expect to sell 200,000 portions of food from Sweden's best food trucks and stands selling taste sensations from many different cultures. Entertainment includes “dueling” chefs.  

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    Scandinavia Events and Weather in June

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    Hard rock and heavy metal fans will be in their glory for the four days of music in Sölvesborg, with performers such as Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, The Darkness, Vixen, Helloween, and more.

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    Scandinavia Events and Weather in June

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    The Northside Festival features 17 bands in 2018, including Björk, Queens of the Stone Age, Beck, and Oasis's Liam Gallagher among the top names. 

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    Scandinavia Events and Weather in June

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    About 6,000 runners participate annually in the Midnight Sun Marathon, which starts at 8:30 p.m. There are different lengths for different levels and ages of runners, including a kids' course that starts at 3 p.m.

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    Scandinavia Events and Weather in June

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    You'll find bonfires, games, and other events on and preceding the summer solstice among the countries of Scandinavia. Sweden and Finland go all out with celebrations, but they're lower key in Norway, Denmark, and Iceland.  

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    Scandinavia Events and Weather in June

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    The Oslo Pride festival features 150 events over 10 days—concerts, art exhibits, films, political debates, and more—in the city center. All are free. 

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    The annual Viking plays have taken place in Frederikssund, Denmark, since 1952. More than 250 people participate every evening in the plays at Kalvø Park, which also has a museum about the Viking settlement there.