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    may festivals and events in mexico 1 - May Festivals and Events in Mexico

    Xcaret Park 

    Rowers train for months to participate in this annual event in the Riviera Maya that recreates the pilgrimage of the ancient Maya to worship the Goddess lxChel. Canoeists in prehispanic-style vessels race from Xcaret Park to Cozumel, a journey of approximately 17 miles. 

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    Labor Day (Día del Trabajo)

    May Day in Mexico, as in many places throughout the world, is a day of worker solidarity and protest. It's Labor Day or Día del Trabajo in Spanish. Celebrated nationwide on May 1st, this is a national public holiday in Mexico. There are political and labor union marches and official meetings and speeches. Schools, banks, and government offices are closed.

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    May Festivals and Events in Mexico

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    You may be surprised to learn that Cinco de Mayo is not as big a holiday in Mexico as it is in the United States. It's a public holiday but mainly only celebrated in the state of Puebla. May 5th is the date of a battle that took place in Puebla in 1862, in which the Mexican army defeated the French. Celebrations in Puebla recreate the battle. Read more about 

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    Day of the Holy Cross (Día de la Santa Cruz)

    If you're in Mexico on May 3rd, you may wake up to the sound of firecrackers going off. This celebration dates back to colonial times. Construction workers decorate crosses with flowers and mount them on buildings under construction, and have picnics at the site, followed by fireworks.

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    may festivals and events in mexico 3 - May Festivals and Events in Mexico

    Paseo Ciclista Rosarito Ensenada 

    Every year on the first Saturday in May, more than 7,500 cyclists participate in a scenic 50-mile bike ride along the Pacific Coast and inland through rural countryside on the Free Road that starts in downtown Rosarito Beach and finishes in Ensenada. The event concludes with a fiesta that takes place from noon to sunset at Plaza Ventana al Mar on the waterfront.

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    Mother’s Day (Día de la Madre)

    Mother's Day is always celebrated on May 10th in Mexico, regardless of the day of the week (unlike in the U.S. where it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May). Mothers are held in very high esteem in Mexican culture, and on this day, they are celebrated in style. The day may start off with serenades of Las Mañanitas, schools have festivals in honor of the mothers of students and restaurants are packed as moms take the day off from household tasks and are treated to a meal out with their families.

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    May Festivals and Events in Mexico


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    This festival held yearly in Guadalajara and other locations in Jalisco state for three weeks during the month of May includes cultural events such as concerts, exhibits, film screenings, dance performances, and food tastings. Many of the events are free admission. Events take place at many locations in Jalisco, including many in Guadalajara's Teatro Degollado.​

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    May Festivals and Events in Mexico

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    Puerto Vallarta's restaurant week offers a great opportunity to enjoy some excellent meals at fixed prices. For the last half of May (from the 15th to the 30th), many of Puerto Vallarta's best restaurants offer spectacular three-course menus with three options each discounted by up to half off (beverages and tips are not included).

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    The city of Morelia hosts this annual food and wine festival focusing on three aspects of gastronomy: the traditional cuisine of the state of Michoacan, Mexican wine, and avant-garde cuisine (with dinners and cooking demonstrations from renowned Mexican and international chefs). Events are held in the Centro Cultural Clavijero, a beautiful 17th-century building in the heart of Morelia's historical center.

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    may festivals and events in mexico 6 - May Festivals and Events in Mexico

    Vallarta Pride 

    Puerto Vallarta is rightfully known as one of Mexico's most gay-friendly destinations. This annual event celebrates LGBT culture and the city's welcoming atmosphere with music festivals, beach parties, fashion shows, a mass commitment ceremony, and activities in participating bars and clubs. It's usually held the third week of May. 


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    More than 100 artists, both local and of international renown, are featured in this art festival which takes place over Memorial Day weekend on Rosarito's Benito Juarez Blvd. There are also musical and gastronomical presentations, making this a festival where all senses are celebrated.