10647 - Get Your Life Together and Earn Points

Every 20- and 30-something – and beyond! – reaches various milestones that are sure signs of adulthood. Whether you buy a house, open a savings account or take another big leap, each of these decisions is an investment in your future. And if you’re a traveler like me, the good news is you can earn points and miles while you take these steps to get your life together.

Some of the top hotel and airline loyalty programs offer points, miles and other rewards for “adulting.” Here are a few examples.

Buy a Home

If you’re buying or refinancing a home, you might want to consider doing so through Quicken Loans, which has partnered with United MileagePlus. Members who close or refinance a home loan can receive up to 25,000 award miles. If you’re a TrueBlue member, JetBlue also offers members 25,000 award miles for buying or refinancing a home using Quicken Loans. American Airlines AAdvantage offers its members rewards through Miles From Home, a nationwide real estate assistance program. Miles From Home pairs each buyer with a certified local real estate agent and once a house sale closes, the member is rewarded with up to 50,000 AAdvantage miles.

Additional miles are awarded to members who both buy and sell their homes through Miles from Home.

Pay Your Utility Bills

Whether you rent or own, the time comes each month to pay your utility bills. So why not get one step closer to your dream vacation while you’re at it? Marriott Rewards has partnered with NRG Home, an energy supply company to offer members bonus points for becoming NRG Home customers. Members earn 10,000 bonus points upon signing up and two points for every $1 spent on the supply portion of their electric bill. If you also use gas to heat your home, you can earn 2,500 bonus points and two points for every $1 spent by signing up for NRG Home’s natural gas service.

Through its own partnership with NRG, Hilton HHonors members receive 10,000 bonus points after the second month as an NRG Energy customer and three bonus points for every $1 spent. Southwest Rapid Rewards also has a partnership with NRG, offering members 10,000 Rapid Rewards bonus points after two months as an NRG customer.

Rapid Rewards members in Texas who choose Everything Energy as their electric supplier receive a 5,000 point enrollment bonus. For those who are also Rapid Rewards Credit Card holders, you can receive an additional 2,500 enrollment bonus. Virgin America Elevate also offers 2,500 bonus points and two points for every $1 spent through Energy Plus, a utility company available in select states.

Protect Your Identity

With data breaches and other security threats making headlines every week, it pays to keep your identity protected. It also pays when it comes to earning points and miles, as several loyalty programs offer rewards to members who sign up for LifeLock, an identity theft protection service. AAdvantage members can receive 30 free days of LifeLock protection, as well as up to 7,000 AAdvantage bonus miles for signing up. Through MileagePlus, you can earn up to 4,000 award miles when you enroll with LifeLock Ultimate Plus for one year plus an additional 1,500 bonus miles each year for your second and third years as a LifeLock member.

Additionally, HHonors members who sign up for LifeLock receive 30 days free, 10 percent off and up to 12,000 HHonors points. Wyndham Rewards also offers its members 7,000 rewards points and 10 percent off LifeLock for signing up.

Open an Investment Account

Rather than simply letting your savings sit in a bank account, an investment account can help your funds grow more rapidly over time – all while you earn points and miles along the way. Similar to LifeLock, Fidelity Investments has partnered with several airline loyalty programs to offer points and miles to members who sign up for investment accounts. AAdvantage, MileagePlus and Delta SkyMiles each offer members up to 50,000 bonus miles when they open and fund a non-retirement Fidelity brokerage account.

If you’re new to investing and need a helping hand, Fidelity account holders also benefit from free one-on-one guidance either online, via phone or in person.