10647 - 7 Foods You Need to Try in Antigua
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Saltfish and Fungi


Popeshead St, St John's, Antigua and Barbuda


+1 268-722-7724

Saltfish and fungi (pronounced foon-ji) is the Antiguan national dish. Fungi is an Antiguan version of polenta or grits, made by forming a cornmeal and okra paste into balls. A staple in the Antiguan diet, fungi is frequently served with stews and meats. Saltfish, a salt-cured and flaked white fish, is one of the favored pairings for fungi.

This is stick-to-your-ribs, homestyle Antiguan cuisine and, if you want to try it, head to Suga Beez in St. John’s. Owner Abena Straker serves up traditional Antiguan dishes with a short, simple menu that changes daily. Locals enjoy the meals they grew up eating, like black-eyed pea rice, chop-up (chopped and stewed spinach, okra, and eggplant), conch water (salty broth with conch meat), and the all-important saltfish and fungi. The restaurant even offers vegetarian options for the local Rastafarian population, making it a great spot for vegetarian travelers to eat a tasty, locally-loved meal.