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Jump on the Famous 28 Tram

10 Things to Do in Lisbon for Under 10 Euros

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Lisbon’s nostalgic trams are as famous as its hilly streets, and the two things go hand in hand for weary tourists and locals alike.

The most scenic line is the #28, which starts in Martim Moniz, then rattles its way on a loop through the city and out to the Campo de Ourique neighborhood, taking in many of the city’s main attractions along the way.

You’ll pay €2.90 if you buy a ticket from the driver, but to save time and money, get a single or day pass from a nearby metro station instead. They're significantly cheaper, and you won't be the person holding up a long line of people as you fumble for change when you enter.

Don’t forget to validate your ticket when you get on board, expect large crowds in summer, and keep an eye on your belongings—pickpockets are known to operate when the tram gets busy.

If you'd like a less-crowded journey, try taking the tram in the reverse direction (ie, from Campo do Ourique back to Martim Moniz.) You'll see all the same things, but often won't have to share it with quite as many people.