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    The Absolute Best Cafes in Perth, Western Australia

    10 Best Cafes in Perth

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    Perth may be 3,500km away from the funky laneways of Melbourne, but the capital city of Western Australia also boasts an eclectic collection of hip cafes.

    They’re hidden inside laneways, nestled in leafy ​neighborhoods and over-looking the stunning Indian Ocean – and they offer delicious coffee and the latest in gastronomical delights!

    Whether you’re chasing a pre-work pick-me-up, the perfect accompaniment to brunch with mates or an afternoon tea treat, here are a few of the best cafes in Perth.

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    Tartine Café – Trinity Arcade, William Street and Westralia Plaza

    10 Best Cafes in Perth

    Tartine Cafe Facebook Page

    When you’re ducking into the same café each day for your caffeine fix, it’s nice when the staff not only remember your order but also know you by name. Tartine Café has three handy locations in the city and regulars will tell you the staff “make you feel genuinely at home”. If you want more than just your 3 pm pick-up, you can choose from an array of snack options including croissants, baguettes, sweet breads, slices, cookies and muffins and their amazing baked-on-site French pastries.

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    White Salt – 134 West Coast Drive, Sorrento

    10 Best Cafes in Perth

    White Salt Sorrento Facebook Page

    Got visitors coming who you want to impress? Book a table at White Salt and the food and view will do the talking. It’s hard to decide which aroma is the most pleasing: that coming from the kitchen, the coffee machine, or the Indian Ocean. Danni says it’s her go-to when family or friends are in town: “The food is awesome and plentiful. Yes, it gets busy, because it’s quality, and besides, why would you want to rush a good view?”

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    Jean Pierre Sancho – Locations Across the City

    10 Best Cafes in Perth

    Jean Pierre Facebook Page

    Considering these guys have been in the business of baking French delights for more than a century, it’s easy to say they know what they’re doing. Everything from their macarons to croissants, quiches and ridiculous selection of cakes (Jean Pierre Sancho actually have an entire menu dedicated to cakes) are baked fresh each day and you can taste the difference. The best idea is to gather your traveling party and come as a group, so you can choose an assortment of goodies and share (which could be tough). Don’t blame us if your jeans are a bit tighter upon leaving…

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    Standing Room Only – Piccadilly Arcade, CBD

    10 Best Cafes in Perth

    Standing Room Only Facebook Page

    If you want baristas who know their brew, stop by the Piccadilly Arcade for a roast from the friendly crew at Standing Room Only. Their mission is to “steam milk only once, grind coffee to order and employ baristas who love coffee”. These guys are known for their friendly service and delivery of great tasting coffee. They’re up on the latest trends but can also create a fine flat white.

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    Typika – 331 Stirling Highway, Claremont

    10 Best Cafes in Perth

    Typika Facebook Page

    “Sure it’s got a funky vibe, but above all else, it’s got cast iron pancakes and that’s the stuff that dreams are made of!” So says Perth local, Steve Weber, who says Typika is his café of choice when it comes to indulging in a treat. Whilst he raves about the cast iron pancakes, there is also a huge choice for those wanting a savory option – for instance, you can indulge in a vegetarian bagel, porridge and your usual bacon and eggs. But then, there’s the incredible world of different food inspired by the Australian way of life and country: think spiced beef benedict, green scram and smoked salmon and satay chicken bagel. And that’s just breakfast…

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    259 Café – 259 Berwick Street, East Victoria Park

    10 Best Cafes in Perth

    259 Cafe Facebook Page

    Whether you’re after a ridiculously healthy smoothie (complete with kale and all those other good green things) or want to indulge with a milkshake that comes with a side of donut, it’s time to stop by 259 Café. Its trendy monochromatic interior is dotted with artistic pieces of color and there is plenty of room to sit down for a relaxing bite. Along with smoothies and milkshakes, they also offer a variety of sandwiches, salads, sides and of course, coffee.

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    Henry Saw – 117 Barrack St, Perth

    10 Best Cafes in Perth

    Henry Saw Facebook Page

    For those who steer clear of all animal products, Henry Saw is the place for you. This vegan-friendly espresso bar prides itself on delivering scrumptious fare that’s also gluten-free and healthy. Sweettooth’s will go wild for the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup smoothie, while those watching the waistline may prefer to stick to a Joy Tonic Kombucha. While you’re waiting for your drink it’s hard not to drool over the ever-changing display of sweets and pastries.

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    Antz Inya Pantz – Victoria Park and Fremantle

    10 Best Cafes in Perth

    Antz Inya Pantz Facebook Page

    Whether you need to get down to work on your laptop or are meeting friends for a chatter, the atmosphere at Antz Inya Pantz will be whatever you need. And the coffee! Having started off as a little hole-in-the-wall roaster, the business still has its main focus on all things beans. But that doesn’t mean the food is second rate. Just ask anyone who’s ever ordered a bagel.  In case you needed another reason to fall in love, Antz uses environmentally friendly products and even has its own garden out back.

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    Bossman – Beaufort St, Mount Lawley, Perth

    10 Best Cafes in Perth

    Bossman Facebook Page

    Humble, unpretentious and downright delightful – these are just some of the words you would use to describe a place like Bossman. Sandwiched in the nook of a busy arcade, Bossman is the perfect coffee spot for those wanting to people-watch by as they sip their cup of coffee. Renowned for their friendly service and top-quality coffee, Bossman’s inclusion of Greek and Middle Eastern treats perfectly compliments their coffees.

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    Architects and Heroes – Rokeby Rd, Subiaco, Perth

    10 Best Cafes in Perth

    Architects and Heroes Facebook Page

    With a quirky name like Architects and Heroes, how could you not want to try this hip local café?! With its all-day menu and eye-catching décor, this is the café to be seen in. The coffee served here is guaranteed to satisfy, as it’s brewed from the finest beans from Melbourne’s Code Black Coffee.